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In 2017, Wuhan Conservatory of Music - China took the initiative to organize a series of annual art exchange events including symphony concerts, ethnic concerts, chamber concerts, musicals, ballet, modern dance... of art training institutions around the world. With this initiative, Wuhan Conservatory of Music has successfully organized four series of music events with the name "Yangtze River Melodies: Art Exchanges Between World Music Training Institutions". In 2017, 11 world music schools attended the event, in 2018 there were 26 participating schools, in 2019 there were 31 participating schools. In 2020, there were 19 conservatories and music academies from 8 countries participating in this event.

In 2021, although the Covid epidemic has spread and greatly affected all aspects of life in many countries around the world, the tune of the Yangtze River is still agreed by the organizer and the participating partners to continue performing. Presented in an online form, the aim is to strengthen international cooperation between the parties, enhance the role of music in life, give people hope for a bright future, join the union. add strength to fight against the epidemic.

Melodies of the Yangtze River this year will hold its fifth session from October to December 2021 in an online format. Wuhan Conservatory of Music will design a connection technology platform, thereby broadcasting all performances on the Internet through the Yangshipping application as well as a number of other applications, to world audiences.

Accepting the invitation of the Wuhan Conservatory of Music to participate in the program "Melodies of the Yangtze River: World Music Exchange and Cooperation in 2021", the Vietnam National Academy of Music built a program including performances by performances of Vietnamese traditional instruments, symphony concerts, and contemporary music performances by excellent artists, lecturers and students. The digitized show includes eight perfomences: Symphony No. 1 by Gustave Mahler (VNAM Philharmonic Orchestra and Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Honna Tetsuji), Rhapsody No. 2 for T'rung and orchestra (VNAM Symphony Orchestra, soloist Nguyen Thi Hoa Dang, conductor Nguyen Thieu Hoa), Suy Van (composed by Ngo Quoc Tinh, performed by Trinh Nhat Minh), Ca Tru (performed by Vu Thi Thuy Linh), Improvised Trio Jazz (performed by Nguyen Thi Hoa Dang, Aly Keita, Pierre Vainna), Improvised on the Tranh-Bau-Tý Ba (performed by Ngo Tra My, Nguyen Thanh Thuy , Stefan Ostersjo), Tay Nguyen Suite (composed by Tran Quy, perfomed by Vietnam National Orchestra, conducted by Pham Ngoc Khoi), Xa Khoi (composed by Nguyen Tai Tue, performed by Nguyen Thi Tan Nhan).

Over the past 5 years up to now, Yangtze River Melodies are meant as a cultural and artistic activity, not only a place to promote the achievements that art training institutions have achieved, but also a opportunities for cooperation and promotion of cultural exchange, enhancing mutual understanding between music academies and schools.

This activity also contributes to promoting deeper cooperation between academies, conservatories, and music training institutions around the world, enhancing the role of music in life and giving everyone hope for a better future.

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