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About the Academy Saturday, 22/09/2018
Vietnam National Academy of Music (the  former  Hanoi  National Conservatory of Music) was founded in 1956 and has been the first and biggest professional music training institution of Vietnam and region, focusing on music performance,  research and  training. Professional music training covers from secondary level up to undergraduation, Master and Doctorate. Approximately 1800 students are now enrolled in about 40 different music courses and programs. Teaching staff consists of 200 lecturers (19 Professors and Associate Professors, 14 Doctors, 3 People’s Teachers, 26 Merit Teachers, 8 People’s Artists, 28 Merit Artists) who are the leading and prestigious professional music educators of the country. Many international students from Laos, Sweden, Korea, Japan are joining various music courses in the Academy.

Vietnam National Academy of Music (VNAM) is the unique institution to provide Doctorate music programs. A Vietnamese – Australian collaboration project for Master of Philosophy of Music in performance was approved. For over 50 years, VNAM graduates have contributed the majority of  music performers, music teachers, musicologists, music composers and conductors of Vietnam. Many of them won high awards in national and international music competitions. VNAM annually sends its music teaching staff to cooperate with other music Academies and Conservatories in the country.

VNAM has been developing close relationships with more than 60 international music associations and conservatories in Europe, Asia, America such as Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory of Music (Russia), Paris National Conservatory of Music (France), Beijing Conservatory of Music and Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China), Queensland University School of Music (Australia), Malmo Academy of Music (Sweden), Academy of Performance Arts (Hongkong), Asian Youth Orchestra, Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra, Nagoya Orchestra (Japan). VNAM is also maintaining collaborations with many music organizations and associations including CIM, CIMF, FIJM, JOC, ICTM. VNAM retains its membership in Association for European and Southeast Asian Universities (ASEA-Uninet)

Many international famous lecturers, artists, musicians, chamber music ensembles,  symphony orchestras from the United States, Australia, Germany, Russia, France,  Sweden, Japan… give teaching  and  performing at VNAM annually. VNAM teaching staff and performers receive invitations to work or take part in concerts in Russia, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore… Through auditions  VNAM sends outstanding music students to participate in international symphony orchestras: Asian Symphony Orchestra, Asian Youth Orchestra, Asian Pacific Music Festival (Japan), Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra (Thailand), 21st Century Orchestra (Japan)…

The leading teaching and performing staff from VNAM, accompany with talented students, has contributed significant roles in national music concerts and events. Anually, VNAM’s Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber Music Orchestra, Choir and Vietnamese Traditional Music Orchestra perform in hundreds of various music concerts and in national events, help popularizing music to community and bringing Vietnamese traditional music to the world as well as help improving music knowledge and arts appreciation of the community over the country.       

VNAM’s music researches on traditional and world music have been published annually in large number. VNAM is also in charge of designing assorted music curricula, music programs, music books and reference books for music education and training national wide. Many music researches and compositions are known internationally, for instance researches on Vietnamese traditional music or contemporary music pieces by Vietnamese composers. VNAM is going ahead in applying advanced information technology into storing, organizing and building a comprehensive music database. VNAM’s Music Library supports teaching and learning not only for the institution, but also for all other conservatories and music schools over the country.      

For many years, teachers and students from VNAM have regularly won high awards in international music competitions: People’s Artist Dang Thai Son won the first prize in Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw Poland 1980 and Pianist Ton Nu Nguyet Minh was awarded the 3rd prize in Smetana International Piano Competition   1980. More recently, VNAM’s young generations have been honored in international music competitions such as Bui Cong Duy, Nguyen Bich Thuy, Nguyen Hoang Phuong, Nguyen Quynh Trang, Luu Hong Quang… as well as remarkable success of Vietnamese instrument students in national and international competitions for traditional music.    


Sublevel organization:
Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra    
Vietnamese Traditional Music Orchestra    
Vietnam Institute of Musicology
Center for Music Performance    
Center for Music Training
Center for Music Production    
Music Library


1. String Instruments    
2. Piano    
3. Winds and Percussions    
4. Accordion, Guitar, Jazz Music
5. Voice
6. Vietnamese Traditional Instruments
7. Musicology, Composition, Conducting    
8. Music Knowledge
9. Non-music Knowledge
10. General Education

National awards and medals

- First grade Medal of Independence in 2001 and 2006
- Second grade Medal of Independence in 1996
- Third grade Medal of Independence in 1991
- First grade Medal of Labor in 1986
- Second grade Medal of Labor in 1981
- Third grade Medal of Labor in 1976

Đầu trang

String Instruments
Winds and Percussion Instruments
Accordion - Guitar - Jazz Music
Vietnamese Traditional Instruments
Musicology, Composition and Conducting
Musical Knowlegde
Non-musical Knowledge
Academy Secondary School

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